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Insurance for Recruitment Agencies

When Insuring your recruitment agency there is a number of factors that you need to consider, from the industries where you place your permanent and temporary staff to the terms of business that you place staff under at APIS we have the knowledge to ensure that you have the correct covers from Employers Liability to Professional Indemnity all the way to Drivers Negligence insurances. (See FAQs)

What to look for

  • Sums Insured
    Always ensure that your sums insured are accurate especially for buildings, stock and if applicable Tenants Improvements – Insurers operate a clause called “average” this clause will kick in if your sums insured are not adequate – Insurers are at liberty to deduct the % that you are under-insured from any settlement. For example if you get cover for £100k and it should be £200k and you claims for £50k then you will only get £25k.
  • All Risks
    Always check that your policy provides cover for loss or damage on an All Risk Basis – There are policies available that will only cover certain perils – If you find yourself without all risk cover you could see your claim repudiated
  • Business Interruption Covers
    Does your current policy provide – loss of profits, loss or rent and increased cost of working
  • Terms of Business – Do you place your staff under REC approved terms? These terms have been specifically designed to ensure that your temporary staff are always deemed to be under the direction, supervision and control of the company where they are placed. Some companies will insist that you sign up on their own contracts – These are called non-standard contracts and they can drastically change your agency’s insurance requirement often because they will pass the control back to you – This means that you’d need to “vicariously” hold cover. Also Non-standard contracts can determine the limit of indemnity that you need to provide – especially for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability

What Covers you may need

  • Employers Liability – Provides cover against your legal liability in the event of injury or illness to staff members as a result of your negligence
  • Public Liability – Provides cover against your legal liability in the event of injury or illness to members of the public or visitors to your site as result of your own negligence – The public liability also provides a contingent liability which would provide an additional level of protection for temporary workers.
  • Drivers Negligence – This policy is an extension of your public liability and provides cover when a supplied driver causes damage to the vehicle he is in as a result of their negligence – PLEASE NOTE this cover is not a motor policy
  • Material Damage – These covers refer to damage or loss of property – for example buildings, contents, tenant’s improvements.
  • Business Interruption – In the event that your premises cannot be operated from provides indemnity against loss of profits and any additional costs incurred
  • Professional Indemnity – Covers your legal liability against act of errors and omissions & Incorrect advise which has caused your client a financial loss.
  • Fidelity Bonding – This is an extension of Professional Indemnity Policy and provides your client indemnity in the event that temporary workers placed by yourself are found guilty of theft.
  • Directors and Officers – Cover against the failure of company management


FAQs – Recruitment Agencies

FAQ’s For Office Insurance

  • Why do I need to Insure my Office? – Insurance provides your organisation with peace of mind from the myriad of potential risks from fires to a member of staff slipping over all the way to a temporary driver causing an accident that’s his fault.
  • What Covers should I have?
    • Employers Liability
    • Public Liability
    • Products liability
    • Buildings (If Applicable)
    • Tenants Improvements
    • Contents (Standard)
    • Electronic Business Equipment +All Risk extension for Electronic equipment taken off site e.g Lap tops, Tablets, Mobile Phones.
    • Business Interruption
    • Professional Indemnity
  • Why must I give accurate sums insured? – An Insurance policy is a contract between you and the Insurance Company and is entered into on the basis of upmost good faith. If even as a mistake do not give accurate sums insured then Insurers can apply the average clause in the event of a claim – This clause simply puts will reduce any settlement by the percentage that you are under for example if you insurer for £100 but really should be £200 and you claims for £50, you’ll only receive £25. If you need assistance in calculating your sums insured the ABI (Association of British Insurers) has some advice on the following link
  • What is Professional Indemnity? –  Professional Indemnity is an insurance that provides cover against acts of error and omission that causes a financial loss to a client or a candidate – While Professional Indemnity is not a statutory cover it is nevertheless a cover that we would highly recommend – There was a case a few years back where a consultant forwarded a copy of candidate’s CV to their existing Employer – This caused the candidate to lose their job – The agency was successfully sued and their Professional Indemnity cover paid the damages to the claimant and paid for the costs.
  • What is Drivers Negligence? – This is a policy which provides a level of cover usually £5k or £10K for incidents when a temporary driver supplied by your agency has caused damage to the vehicle they were driving as a result of their own negligence. The above limits of indemnity are designed to cover the excess of your clients motor policy – PLEASE NOTE Drivers Negligence is not a motor product and provides no cover for third parties.

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