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Insurance Solutions for Guesthouses B&Bs and Hotels

When Insuring a guesthouse, B&B or hotel either as an individual owner or as a right to manage company – We can assist you by not only providing the correct covers at a competitive premium but also by advising what to look for in a policy & the dangers of not getting the right covers. (See FAQs)

What to look for

  • Sums Insured
    Always ensure that your sums insured are accurate especially for buildings, stock and if applicable Tenants Improvements – Insurers operate a clause called “average” this clause will kick in if your sums insured are not adequate – Insurers are at liberty to deduct the % that you are under-insured from any settlement. For example if you get cover for £100k and it should be £200k and you claims for £50k then you will only get £25k.
  • All Risks
    Always check that your policy provides cover for loss or damage on an All Risk Basis – There are policies available that will only cover certain perils – If you find yourself without all risk cover you could see your claim repudiated
  • Business Interruption Covers
    Does your current policy provide – loss of profits, loss or rent and increased cost of working

What Covers you may need

  • Employers Liability – Provides cover against your legal liability in the event of injury or illness to staff members as a result of your negligence
  • Public Liability – Provides cover against your legal liability in the event of injury or illness to members of the public or visitors to your site as result of your own negligence
  • Material Damage – These covers refer to damage or loss of property – for example buildings, contents, tenant’s improvements.
  • Business Interruption – In the event that your premises cannot be operated from provides indemnity against loss of profits and any additional costs incurred
  • Loss of License – If your shop sell alcohol or tobacco and you lose your license through no fault of your own.
  • Loss of Money – Cover for theft of cash whilst on premises or on route to the bank
  • Legal Expenses – Covers the cost of legal expenses if someone sues

FAQs – Guesthouses B&Bs and Hotels

  • Why do I need to Insure my licenced business? – Insurance provides your Business with peace of mind from the myriad of potential risks from fires to a member of staff slipping over to losing your licence
  • What covers should I have;
    • Employers Liability
    • Public Liability
    • Buildings
    • Contents (fixtures and fitting)
    • Electronic equipment
    • Owners Contents
    • Guests contents
    • Loss of licence
    • Stock
    • Deterioration of Frozen Stock

Why must I give accurate sums insured? – An Insurance policy is a contract between you and the Insurance Company and is entered into on the basis of upmost good faith. If even as a mistake do not give accurate sums insured then Insurers can apply the average clause  in the event of a claim – This clause simply puts will reduce any settlement by the percentage that you are under for example if you insurer for £100 but really should be £200 and you claims for £50, you’ll only receive £25. If you need assistance in calculating your sums insured the ABI (Association of British Insurers) has some advice on the following link

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