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Insurance Solutions for Blocks of Flats and Landlords

When Insuring a block of flat either as an individual owner or as a right to manage company – We can assist you by not only providing the correct covers at a competitive premium but also by advising what to look for in a policy & the dangers of not getting the right covers. (See FAQs)

What to look for

Trace & Access
This is not included on every policy – This would provide cover for the finding and excavating of a leak – Without this cover you could find yourself having to pay out thousands of pounds in the event of an escape of water were you don’t know the source of the leak to excavate and locate the leak

Alternative Accommodation
In the event of an Insured peril your flat or the whole block may become inhabitable meaning that  either you or your tenant would have to move out while the claim is progressed. Without this cover the cost of the additional accommodation would have to come out of your own pocket – In our experience this can prove very pricy especially in the event of a fire as it could be some months before you are able to move back in

All Risks
Always check that your policy provides cover for loss or damage on an All Risk Basis – There are policies available that will only cover certain perils – If you find yourself without all risk cover you could see your claim repudiated

Sums Insured
Insurers operate a clause called Average – When you under insurer – whether deliberately or not – Insurers are well within their rights to apply the average clause – The clause will effectively reduce settlement by the % that you are under-insured by. For example if you get cover for £100k and it should be £200k and you claims for £50k then you will only get £25k.

This link shows you how to calculate your buildings sum insured

What Covers you may need

  • Material Damage – These covers refer to damage or loss of property – for example buildings, contents, tenants improvements.
  • Loss of Rent – Should you rent out the flats and as a result of an Insured peril – your tenants have to move out this will provide cover for any rent that you lose out on
  • Alternative Accommodation – Additional level of cover designed to cover the cost of placing either yourself or your tenants in new accomadation while your premises are returned to pre-loss condition in the event of a claim
  • Trace & Access – Always check your current insurance has this – This cover indemnifies you against the cost of finding a leak and being able to access said leak
  • Property Owners/Public Liability – This cover is designed to cover your legal liability in the event of injury/illness to your tenants of members of the public on your property that you are responsible for.
  • Employers Liability – Same as above- but for people you employ
  • Legal Expenses – Covers the cost of legal expenses if someone sues you.


Blocks of Flats and Landlords

FAQs – Landlords and Block Insurance

  • What is Landlord Insurance? – Landlord Insurance provides protection for your property and Tennants who rent your property. The cover is the same whether you rent as business or as an income generator on a second home
  • Why do I need landlord Insurance? – Many of the risks which could occur when your rent out a property are simply not covered on a standard home insurance policy
  • What should my Landlord policy include?
    • Public & Property Owners Liability
    • Loss of Rent – Including Alternative Accommodation costs
    • Landlords Contents
    • Emergency Assistance Cover
    • Buildings Cover
  • If you’ve furnished your property then those contents are your responsibility to Insure
  • What is Public Liability Insurance? – This covers Injury or damage to a third parties property as a result of a fault with your property – E.G a roof tile falls down onto a visitors car.
  • Why must I give accurate sums insured? – An Insurance policy is a contract between you and the Insurance Company and is entered into on the basis of upmost good faith. If even as a mistake do not give accurate sums insured then Insurers can apply the average clause in the event of a claim – This clause simply puts will reduce any settlement by the percentage that you are under for example if you insurer for £100 but really should be £200 and you claims for £50, you’ll only receive £25. If you need assistance in calculating your sums insured the ABI (Association of British Insurers) has some advice on the following link
    • What does loss of Rent Cover? – In the event that your property becomes uninhabited as the result of an Insured peril this section will indemnify you against the amount of rent you’d have received if the incident had not happened.
    • Why would I need Legal Expenses cover? Legal Expenses Insurance provides cover for Legal Expenses for the following occurrences (Always check the wording)
      • Property Protection
      • Repossesion
      • Tenant default
      • Contract disputes
      • Debt Recovery
      • Tax Protection
      • Injury
    • If my Tenant trashes my property am I able to claim? – The answer is yes if you have malicious cover on your policy – This is not a standard cover and can increase premiums however once you have this cover in place if a tenant does damage your flat maliciously then a claim could be made.
    • What is Subsidence? Subsidence is movement of the land on which a property is built and will result in large cracks and parts of the building coming out of alignment . It is usually caused by tree roots or occasionally by changes to the water table.

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